David Moreau Simard

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OpenStack Days are sort of local mini one-day OpenStack summits.

Not everyone can travel to the OpenStack summits for a number of reasons so OpenStack days are great for that since there are many across a wide range of countries.

The first one in Canada was in Montreal, at an awesome venue: the Notman house. There’s a lot of history about the place, definitely look it up - it’s very interesting !

Lots of great speakers

There was a lot of great speakers at the event! Have a look at the packed schedule attendees were presented with:


Unfortunately, the talks were not recorded at the event, unlike at the OpenStack summits.

Thankfully, the organizers granted me the permission to record some talks myself so I went ahead and recorded my talk as well as those of my colleagues from Red Hat that were also speaking.

I hope you can enjoy these, you can find the talks below !

Test your application deployments with Ansible on OpenStack for free

  • Speaker: David Moreau Simard (me!)
  • Slides are available here
  • Video is available on YouTube.

A community cloud managed by the project infrastructure team

A container stack for OpenStack